Kickle transforms any space into an innovative and productive meeting room

Simply and cost-effectively

Videoconference, kiosk, wireless display, room booking, whiteboard, and so much more.
Kickle contains *everything needed to conduct meetings with perfect peace of mind.


Wireless display

Room booking


Videoconference in action

The user-friendliest * Skype for Business videoconferencing system.

Call other Skype for Business or consumer Skype users, H323 devices, SIP devices, landlines, or anyone else who has an email address and internet connection.

* No cables, no configuration, no questions. Simple as that.

Wireless display in action

An endless display solution. No strings attached.

Got something that’s too good not to share? Put it on display!
Display your iPhone, Android, Windows phone, Mac or PC.
Regardless of the technology you use, display easily via your Wi-Fi connection.
Up to 4 devices at a time! *.

*Some people just have an itch to share.

Whiteboard in action

Do people even still use easel pads? *

Insta-launch the multi-touch whiteboard with just one motion, and then start drawing.

*Though we admit, nothing beats them for Pictionary.

Room-booking the easy way

Free up your meeting rooms!*

The room is free? Go ahead and book it directly from the Kickle screen. No more sad, stood-up meeting rooms – Kickle automatically puts the available room back on the open market.

*Hey, this could be our tagline!

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