The efficient meeting poster: do you really need to call that meeting?
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Download the efficient meeting poster: you call that a meeting?

As you know, our mission at Kickle is to improve meeting efficiency. No small task, right? But, hey, we didn’t make Kickle for nothing.

With that said, Kickle doesn’t perform miracles (though some might call it magic). Having the best meeting room solution money can buy is one thing… but you have your role to play as well—that is, breaking bad habits in the meeting room. Luckily, we’ve made a poster to help you out. Please print it, stick it up in every Kickle room, and chat over it. You may not agree with everything, but at the very least it will stir up discussion around the holy grail of work space questions: do we really need this meeting?

Scroll-down to download the poster in high-definition.

(If you are already one of our happy, lucky and efficient customers, we’d be happy to ship you the actual poster.
Just reach out to our service center).

The shorter the better

Your meeting should not last longer than 30 minutes.
Ideally 15 minutes. Impossible? Just try.
Still need some convincing? Check out this great article from Forbes and this one from the Harvard Review.

Disconnect to reconnect

No phone. No computer. No tablet.
No laptops, really? Yes, really. If a meeting has been adequately prepared, attendees should be able to participate sans device.

STOP lecturing (please)

Meetings should be interactive.
If you feel the need to lecture, that means you don’t really need this meeting. Just send out an email and spare everyone’s valuable time.

Timing is the key

Start on time. End on time. No ifs, ands or buts.
Not yet finished? Postpone it. No exception. Next-time, you’ll stay on time.

Do you really need to call that meeting?

No decisions to be made? Just send an email.
If the purpose of the meeting is not to come to some type of group decision, an email will likely suffice. No need to call a meeting just to share information.

No meeting hijacking

Stick to the agenda.
No exceptions. Full stop.

Knowledge is power

Make sure everyone is updated.
As mentioned, meetings are not designed for information sharing. Participants must arrive pre-informed, so that they can use the meeting as a means to make a decision.


Tackle the big point straight away.
Like we said, time is golden. So stay on point.

Disagree without being disagreeable

Oppose opinions, not individuals.
This rule goes beyond the meeting room.

We’re all in this together!

Each individual issue is at the same time a group issue.
Not the easiest one to uphold, but surely worth a mention.

Efficient meeting poster
Printable version

Download the poster
Efficient meeting poster

Efficient meeting poster
Long version

Download the poster

(If you are already one of our happy, lucky and efficient customers, we’d be happy to ship you the actual poster.
Just reach out to our service center).

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