Kickle is the real deal.


Kickle is the real deal.

Want to compare videoconferencing room solutions to Kickle ? Oh. Sorry.

Were you expecting to see one of those rigged comparison charts that shows how Kickle dominates against every aspect of the competition?
Yeah, that’s not really our style.
We are focused on one thing: where our positioning intersects with your needs. Since you already know your needs better than anyone else, the question remains “What is our positioning and vision?”

Where does Kickle fit in?

Here at Kickle, we understand that you don’t need hundreds of complicated, expensive features you’ll probably never use.


What you do need is an all-in-one videoconferencing solution that is optimized for use with Skype for Business, and that is a cinch to set up and use.


We know that you definitely don’t need a finicky product that will take half of your meeting time just to get it working right. You need a streamlined product that simply works.


Kickle is a simple and yet complete solution that covers all your bases for remote meetings. We’ve figured out a way to make it cost-effective without skimping on important features and functionality. While Kickle already works seamlessly with both web apps and your documents, other integrated collaborative features such as post-it apps, brainstorming apps, and mind-mapping apps are all currently in the works.


Were you still expecting a sort of “compare videoconferencing checklist” showing off the fact that we have way more features than our competitors?

Well, at Kickle, we don’t compare how many features and options we offer because we believe that, for the value, it’s really quality and product vision that matter the most.


With that said, we are still very proud to show you all that Kickle can do!

  • Compare videoconferencing room checklist:

    • Fully compatible with Office 365, Exchange, and Skype
    • Displays your Skype for Business address book
    • Email a clickable videoconference link to any contact
    • Instant room booking
    • Automatically frees up unused rooms when meetings are cancelled or missed
    • Automatically extends reservations when your meetings run over time
    • Wireless display from Android, iOS, Windows PC, and Mac
    • Multi-touch whiteboard
    • Infinite whiteboard mosaic
    • Save whiteboard as a PDF
    • Send whiteboard via email
    • Adapts to any screen
    • Touch-screen enabled
    • Adapts to any existing device
    • Browse internet and access web apps directly from Kickle
    • Built-in file explorer

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