We don’t make features.

We build scenarios.

Microsoft Teams video conferencing

Schedule your Microsoft Teams video conferencing meeting in Outlook. Tap on your meeting via the Kickle screen. That’s it! You’ve joined your Microsoft Teams video conferencing meeting.

Microsoft Teams one-click authentication

No need to type your password in front of everyone. With Kickle, just tag a QR code with your smartphone, authenticate, and that’s it! You’ve got access to the Kickle screen and are ready to check out your Microsoft Teams channels.

Share and save easily

Send your work by email, or export to a PDF file, or save your whiteboard to your Microsoft Teams Channel to re-work on it later. You can do all of that, in one-click. Just super-easy.

Multi-page whiteboard

Kickle has an easy-to-use multi-touch whiteboard that launches faster than you can say Is it working? You can use up to 10 touches at a time and add as many pages as you want.

Text recognition

With Kickle, you can convert your handwritten text into real text. So when you upload it, you can re-work it. Simple as that.

Sticky notes

Need to solve a problem? Organize your brain? Spice up your meetings? Use our sticky notes to accomplish all the above.

Room booking system

Not only does Kickle allow you to book a meeting room, it also optimizes the occupancy rate of your rooms. If you don’t confirm the meeting, Kickle automatically cancels it.

Wireless presentation system

Kickle Voila is our wireless presentation system that allows you to easily share documents and images, either App or App-less. You can even control your device from the Kickle screen.

Apps and web-browser

Kickle is all-inclusive when it comes to third-party apps. So install your own and open all of your favorite file formats. No hassle is how we like it.


Kickle is software

Kickle is software, Kickle is life. Just kidding—it’s only software. But at least it can be installed on any device running a Windows 10 operating system. Once installed, connect Kickle to your preferred touchscreen device.