Interactive Whiteboard
Made Simple.

interactive whiteboard Microsoft Teams videoconferencing
interactive whiteboard canvas

Interactive whiteboard for instant sketching.

Kickle has an easy-to-use multi-touch interactive whiteboard that launches in a flash. You can use up to 5 touch at a time. The color palette allows you to select easily your pen style and color. Through what we call “the canvas”, you can add, delete and reorganize your whiteboard pages as you like.

Not only an interactive whiteboard.

Use Sticky Notes for brainstorming, to convert to real-text to magnify your writing, to search for your text when you export to PDF, to zoom in and zoom out, rotate, copy, paste, take a screenshot…everything you need to sketch is here! And, obviously, the Kickle multi-touch whiteboard is integrated to work seamlessly during video conferences.

text recognition interactive whiteboard
interactive whiteboard microsoft teams videoconferecing

Seamlessly with Teams videoconferencing.

Yes, the Kickle interactive whiteboard is integrated to work seamlessly during Microsoft Teams video conferences. When you join a Microsoft Teams video conference, the Kickle screen is automatically shared in the Microsoft Teams conference. So, when you sketch on the interactive whiteboard, remote attendees can see what you are doing. Remote attendees can also share their own screen which automatically appears on the Kickle screen.

Simply share to your Microsoft Teams.

At the end of your meeting, just select your whiteboard pages and share them via email or to your Teams Channels* in one click. Kickle displays all of the Teams Channels for your company, so that’s easy. Or you can also export your whiteboard pages to your USB key.

* Just need an Office 365 subscription with Microsoft Teams. Simple as that.

QR Code authentification

Easy and secured authentication.

No need to type your Microsoft Teams account and password in front of everyone’s eyes. Just scan the Kickle QR code with your smartphone, login once on your smartphone and that’s it! You’re now authenticated on the Kickle screen. You can scroll through your Microsoft Teams and channels and save your whiteboard pages in one-click. And when you leave your meeting, all your data are cleared from the screen.

Get your live demo.

Our team would be happy to provide you with a live demo link that you can use immediately on your meeting room touchscreen.