Interactive Whiteboard





Interactive whiteboard for instant sketching.

Kickle has an easy-to-use multi-touch whiteboard that launches in a flash. You can use up to 5 touch at a time. The color palette allows you to select easily your pen style and color.

Through what we call “the mosaic”, you can add, delete and reorganize your whiteboard pages as you like.

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Simply share.

At the end of your meeting, just select your whiteboard pages and share them via email in one click. Kickle displays the entire Skype for business address book of your company, so that’s easy. Or you can also export your whiteboard pages to your USB key.

Not only an interactive whiteboard.

Obviously, the Kickle multi-touch whiteboard is integrated to work seamlessly during videoconferences.

If you’d like to invite other participants to your meeting, just select them in your Skype address book. Kickle displays the entire Skype for business address book of your company. If you want to make a call, just enter their phone number!

Dry-erase boards with smelly markers that never seem to work are a thing of the past!

Skype Room System

Kickle is a Skype Room System that you connect to your meeting room screen. Kickle is dedicated to companies using Skype for Business and Office 365.

Wireless presentation system

Kickle Voila is our wireless presentation system which allows you to easily share documents, images. You can share any device: Android, Iphone, Ipad, PC, Mac.

Room booking system

Kickle allows you to book the meeting room and optimizes the occupancy rate of your rooms. Kickle is the simpliest room booking system.

Integrated apps

Directly from Kickle, you can use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Onenote, browse the internet, or even install your own company’s apps with Kickle.

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