Wireless Display Solution
Made Simple.

Wireless display solution

Discover the simplest wireless presentation system: Voila!

Voila is our all-new, all-singing, all-dancing wireless display solution. Now you can display your device from anywhere. Just type in ONE simple code to unlock the magic of Voila. App or no app—it’s up to you. Witchcraft, you say? Just keep reading.

One access code is all you need.

Kickle Voila is just that easy to use: you only need to enter ONE simple code. This unique, one-time code is displayed on your Kickle meeting room screen. Then, voila, that’s it: you’re presenting. No ip address to type in, no list to scroll down, and no mystery device to select. The simplest wireless display solution.

wireless display annotations

Control your device directly from Kickle, and annotate anything, anywhere.

Our wireless presentation system allows you to control your device directly from the Kickle screen, and to annotate anything and anywhere. This makes it totally easy to shuffle through PowerPoint slides or modify Excel spreadsheets directly from your Kickle screen. The only bad point is you no longer have an excuse to remain in your seat!

App or no app – The choice is yours!

Just need to display your device? Go to the Voila webpage, enter the code, and you’re ready to go. Need advanced features like touch-back control, screenshots, or saving files to your meeting? Download the app to enjoy the full experience of our wireless display solution.

Barco Clickshare

Already equipped with a Barco ClickShare wireless presentation system?

You’re already equipped with a Barco ClickShare? That’s good news! You can use your ClickShare wireless display solution with Kickle. Kickle will allow you to boost your meetings while still clinging to some comfortable habits with the ClickShare button.

Get your live demo.

Our team would be happy to provide you with a live demo link that you can use immediately on your meeting room touchscreen.