Wireless presentation system



Wireless presentation system

Discover the powerful wireless presentation system : Kickle MirrorOp

Kickle MirrorOp is our wireless presentation system, high-performance sharing feature, which allows you to easily share documents, data, images, or anything else with the group.

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Display any device!

With Kickle MirrorOp, you can share any device: Android, Iphone, Ipad, Android tablet, Windows 10 tablet, PC, Mac … no matter the device you use, our wireless presentation system is compatible with.

Control your device directly from the Kickle screen.

Our wireless presentation system allows you to control your device directly from the Kickle screen. It’s easy to flick through Powerpoint slides or modify an Excel spreadsheet directly from your Kickle screen. The bad thing is that you have no excuse anymore to remain seated.

Display up to four devices at a time!

With Kickle MirrorOp, you can share up to four devices at a time using the split-screen feature. Just select on which part of the screen you want to display your device (upper left, upper right …). Then, display.

No jokes. Make sure to display confidentially.

For even greater security, you can select the PIN Code option in Kickle MirrorOp in order to make sure that only meeting participants who are in the room can connect their devices. No jokes.

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How to use our wireless presentation system?

Download our wireless presentation app from the Android or Apple app stores. If you’re using a Mac or PC, just download “MirrorOp” right through your Kickle Box. Once it’s downloaded and installed, select your Kickle from the list. And that’s all!

High speed and high performance wireless presentation system.

The optimization of Kickle MirrorOp offers you the best wireless experience. No latency and no quality difference between your device and the Kickle screen.

Display to multiple screens.

Need to display your device to multiple screens at the same time? That’s okay. Through the MirrorOp app, just select the Kickles you want to display on, then click on “play”. And, for sure, you can still control your device from any Kickle screen or display up to four devices at a time.

Mix scenarios.

It goes without saying, but it is better said: you can use MirrorOp during a videoconference or just during a standard meeting.

Skype Room System

Kickle is a Skype Room System that you connect to your meeting room screen. Kickle is dedicated to companies using Skype for Business and Office 365.

Interactive Whiteboard

Kickle has an easy-to-use multi-touch whiteboard that launches in a flash. You can use up to 5 touch at a time and add as many pages as you want.

Room booking system

Kickle allows you to book the meeting room and optimizes the occupancy rate of your rooms. Kickle is the simpliest room booking system.

Integrated apps

Directly from Kickle, you can use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Onenote, browse the internet, or even install your own company’s apps with Kickle.

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