Microsoft Teams Room System
Made Simple.

Microsoft Teams videoconferencing system
Microsoft Teams videoconferencing room system

Kickle is connected to Microsoft Teams.

Discover the user-friendliest Microsoft Teams room system *. Up to six videoconferencing streams or attendees can be shown at a time during the meeting. There can be as many as 250 locations/attendees joining the meeting together. The Microsoft Teams videoconferencing stream will switch to the one who is talking.

* Just need an Office 365 subscription. Simple as that.

Just schedule your meeting.

Microsoft Teams users can create a planned meeting through Outlook or Microsoft Teams. But anyone can use Kickle as a Teams Room System and launch a spontaneous meeting directly from the Kickle screen*. Just tap on your meeting via the Kickle screen.

* No cables, no configuration, no questions. Simple as that.

Microsoft Teams room booking system
interactive whiteboard microsoft teams videoconferecing

Videoconferencing made simple.

Kickle makes Microsoft Teams videoconferencing simple. Obviously, the Kickle multi-touch whiteboard, as well as the Kickle wireless display, are integrated to work seamlessly during videoconferences. Screen sharing is automatically activated when you switch to the whiteboard or when you display your device to your Kickle.

Get your live demo.

Our team would be happy to provide you with a live demo link that you can use immediately on your meeting room touchscreen.


What is a Teams Room System?

A Teams Room System is a videoconferencing room solution fully based on Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams provides users with instant collaboration from their own devices. Kickle extends this experience to the meeting room, from the smallest one to the biggest one. If you use Microsoft Teams or Office 365, and you simply want to extend your Microsoft Teams experience to your meeting room, Kickle is what you need.