Kickle roadmap

Kickle’s roadmap is available


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We’ve just published Kickle’s roadmap for the coming months: Synchronized whiteboard, zoom integration, and much more.

The purpose of this article is to present the upcoming features we plan to deliver, as well as the vision we have for Kickle products going forward. Please note that the information provided here is for informational purposes only and is subject to change.

Depending on the product you use, some features may not be available. If you’d like more information regarding timelines, certain features, or other specifications, feel free to contact us:


Who are we? We are Kickle.


Kickle transforms any space into an innovative and productive meeting room. Wireless display, videoconferencing (connected to Microsoft Teams), room booking, whiteboard, easy-authentication and so much more. Kickle comes with everything needed to conduct your meetings with perfect peace of mind.


Short-term features


Short-term features are planned to be released starting from Q4 2020 and into Q1 2021. Features are sorted by priority though there may be slight changes.

  1. Palm, finger, and stylus recognition with “hardware-enabled” screens
  2. Ghost meeting killer
  3. Timekeeper
  4. New exit meeting button
  5. Windows sharing with Microsoft teams (only screen sharing is supported at this time
  6. Invite an attendee during a Teams conference with an email invite
  7. Start an ad-hoc conference from Kickle


In-progress features


In-progress features are in the development stage. Although technical impediments have been lifted, we cannot publish the release date at this time. Still, all of the following features will be released. The below list has not been sorted by priority.

  • Synchronized whiteboard with multiple rooms
  • Prepare a whiteboard before your meeting
  • Reopen a whiteboard after your meeting
  • Reopen a whiteboard from Kickle
  • Undo/redo button for the whiteboard
  • Laser pointer for the whiteboard
  • Whiteboard templates
  • Disconnect your account from Teams
  • QR code authentication with no additional code
  • Invite an attendee during a Teams conference via chat message
  • Display your device via Kickle through the internet
  • Major quality improvements to videoconferences
  • Port range reduction
  • Automatic updates
  • Features activation/deactivation (deactivate the timeline, deactivate the wireless display, deactivate the Microsoft Teams authentication, etc.)


Under-consideration features


Features under consideration are in the early technical study stage. During this stage, features are subject to change, cancelation, or replacement. As a result, you should not rely on this information to make any strategic decisions. The following list has not been sorted by priority.

  • Application launcher configurator
  • Open from OneDrive connector
  • Open from SharePoint connector
  • 9 simultaneous video streams
  • Barco ClickShare touchback
  • Barco ClickShare “Save to” button
  • Join a Zoom conference
  • Join a Webex conference
  • Join a Pexip conference
  • SCRUM meeting connector
  • Poll meeting bot
  • Mind mapping whiteboard feature
  • License management portal
  • Statistic management portal
  • Configuration APIs for third-party management platform.


If you’d like to know more, just contact us 🙂


Matthieu Lourdel