We've tested the Logitech meetup camera : a Skype Room System?
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We’ve tested the Logitech MeetUp conference cam—and, damn, we really liked it!

Smile, you’re on television! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the field of remote conferences, you must have tried videoconferencing at some point to connect with your colleagues in Chicago, Bora Bora, or wherever else they may be scattered. For that, you need a good conference camera. Such as the logitech meetup? Hm…

Reading time: 6 minutes. Enjoy your reading.

Who are we? We are Kickle.

Kickle transforms any space into an innovative and productive meeting room. Skype for business videoconferencing (skype room system), wireless display, room booking, whiteboard, and so much more. Kickle comes with everything needed to conduct your meetings with perfect peace of mind.

Allow us to present the delightful Logitech MeetUp, a webcam made for meeting room videoconferencing.


There’s probably no need for us to introduce the manufacturer: Logitech. Logitech is well known throughout the world on the computer accessories market, both for individuals or professionals. The brand’s latest acquisition was in 2017 when they purchased Astro Gaming, a leading console gaming brand, for $85 million in cash!

You might be wondering if this cam is right for you. First, you should know that it primarily targets prosumers. If you frequently participate in videoconferences in small or medium-sized meeting rooms, this camera comes with features that may be of interest to you.

To allow for a comfortable reading, we’re approaching this write-up in the form an unboxing article, which means we’ll cover everything from the opening of the MeetUp to final implementation.

To get started, let’s take a look at what’s inside the box. Inside, you will first find the all-in-one MeetUp camera + speakerphone unit. You will also find a power cable, a remote, a 5-meter (16 feet) 2.0 USB cable, and a wall/tv mounting bracket.

Logitech meetup unboxing

Logitech meetup unboxing



The design of such a product may strike some of you as irrelevant, but we couldn’t help but to appreciate the camera’s minimalist aesthetic. The Logitech MeetUp looks modern, and we are big fans of this look. The unit features two stereo speakers, which make it quite large compared to some of the other very small conference cameras. Is this a drawback? Not at all—if we consider that the MeetUp was made for large screens. The overall design is refined, and the finishing is impeccable. It perfectly fits any digital setting your conference room might be equipped with.


Initialization, installation


The Logitech MeetUp can be installed either above or below the screen. Logitech offers a versatile TV mount via its website, which allows you to smoothly connect the camera to a variety of compatible screens. This additional mount will set you back $79, but we think it’s worth it if your screen has the VESA compatibility, and especially if you intend to keep the camera attached to the monitor indefinitely. At Kickle, we decided to set up the cam using the base included in the pack. This also works just fine, and allows for more mobility, however less stability in the event of a…I don’t know, a shower of meteors crashing into your offices. Just keep in mind that the additional mount is indispensable to attach the cam below the screen.

The initialization, as with most cameras on the market today, is fast and simple. The MeetUp requires no additional software. It is compatible with all videoconferencing operators or speech recognition providers (Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, Cortana, etc.). On this point, there is not a whole lot to say—Logitech promised a plug and play camera and that’s exactly what they’ve delivered. Here at the office, we use our Kickle software (which is a Skype Room System and much more, have a look if you want to know more), and everything worked smoothly with the MeetUp!



And so now we arrive at the heart of the matter! Frankly, we found the image quality to be quite stunning. We had the opportunity to conduct several tests in our lab using different screens and, yes, the rendering was solid. The MeetUp has a 120°-wide angle sensor, capable of recording 4K high-definition videos. Compared to the Logitech PTZ, we’re looking at some significant improvement! To compare, the PTZ has a 90° field of view, which is compensated by its large 260° pan tilt. Wide angle does not necessarily mean fisheye.

PTZ animated gif logitech meetup

We noticed a reduced fisheye effect compared to many other wide-angle cameras, however there is still a (unavoidable) thin distortion. Have a look at the pictures to see for yourself. The image quality is theoretically 4K (3840*2160 pixels at 30fps) and will reduce to Full HD for Skype calls as Skype still limits quality to Full HD (1080p). We regularly use this camera to communicate with our clients and partners in Asia and Oceania, and we are happy with the smooth image with faces that are clear and never distorted. In low light, the image turns a bit darker but is still great.

Image features

You want options? You’ve got options. This camera is motorized and the remote control it comes with allows you to position the lens in any direction you please—a specific section of your conference room, for example. The remote also allows you to zoom in on any part of the room, such as on a colleague presenting her master plan for world domination on a whiteboard. You have the choice between three pre-set scenes. This is a really good point for quickly switching the angle during a meeting when attendants are on both sides of the room. With the zoom being digital, don’t expect miracles in terms of quality when used at its maximum reach (5×), however it is still plenty effective: certainly enough to zoom in on a whiteboard. Here at Kickle, we don’t really need to zoom in on whiteboards as our whiteboards are digitally embedded in our Kickle software. This means we can display our interactive whiteboard on the screen during a call, automatically shared on the screens of our remote collaborators. Zooming, in our case, is mostly useful when we want to frame the video on whoever is speaking.

Please note that the USB cable provided with the camera is a 2.0 USB cable. It’s long enough to connect the cam to a laptop or the PC connected to your screen, however it is not 4K compatible. We recommend you buy a 3.0 USB cable if interested in the 4K option (make sure your conferencing application is compatible with 4K video calls). As we said earlier, S4B is not compatible with 4K calls.



Along with its stellar image, the Logitech features an equally nice sound—crystal sharp and reliable. The camera includes three microphones, which use noise reduction technology, vocal activity detection (to automatically aim at the sound source) as well as an echo cancellation algorithm. The range extends to 2.4 meters (8 feet). We tested it on a 20sqm space and the sound was clear (we were speaking quite loudly). For a larger room, Logitech offers an extension mic, which costs $219.99. Yes, that’s a pretty expensive add-on to the price of the camera, but we only recommend it for larger rooms or for those who tend to walk around the room while talking.

Our best advice for you is to measure your room. For a room under 20sqm, which contains from 1 to ±7 attendees, we don’t recommend that you purchase the additional mic. Even the furthest attendee will be heard without the need to speak loudly. For a room that is larger than 20 sqm, you only have to buy one extension mic and place it 2.5m (around 8 feet) away from the cam.

Here’s Logitech’s advice for the perfect setting.

Ok, but so far, I don’t really see many advantages to my current webcam.

And here comes the great difference-maker compared to other webcams: the Logitech MeetUp includes a speaker unit, which is nothing short of awesome! Some TVs or flat screens have weak speakers or at least low-quality ones. The Logitech MeetUp comes with stereo speakers, which means you’ll have a great sharp sound coming from the same direction as the image. This is much better than having speakers opposite to your screen, which creates a weird sort of effect.



Whether you are a macOS (from 10.10) aficionado or a Windows user (from Windows 7), the cam will work just fine. As with the majority of conference cameras and webcams, the Logiteh MeetUp is fully compatible with all of the videoconferencing software products out there. We tried it with Skype for Business, on our Kickle system, and everything went smoothly: the camera launched automatically when we started the call and shut down on its own when we hung up. The lens takes very little time to focus on the room or the pre-selected scene.

Want to know more about our Skype Room System? Check this out.

You don’t like having a remote to keep track of along with all the other equipment you already have? No problem. You can replace the Logitech MeetUp remote with a smartphone app. Just download it on the App store or the Google Play store. This is also useful in the event that you lose the remote. Using your smartphone as a remote is as simple as downloading the app and letting it automatically detect your Logitech MeetUp unit.

Logitech MeetUp alternatives


If this article failed to convince you that the Logitech MeetUp is the conference camera for you, here are some other cameras you can compare it with.

First, to stay in the Logitech range of products, there is the Logitech 4K pro webcam. It’s a small camera that you can attach to any laptop or larger screen. It features a 4K image and 90° field of view. If your budget is low, this a good choice ($149!).

You could also consider our friends at Huddly Cam. You’ll be surprised by what they have to offer. We’ll write an article soon about their webcam. You can’t directly compare Huddly to Logitech MeetUp as it does not come with speakers and there is no possibility to use additional microphones. If you don’t need additional mics or speakers, then Huddly is worth checking out—a bit more expensive, but with more added value.

Finally, you could also have a look at the AVER CAM340. 94°-wide angle, simple, beautifully designed, and perfectly suited to touchscreens. We’ll also write an article soon about this webcam. As with the Huddly cam, the Aver Cam340 does not offer speakers or additional microphones.

Logitech 4K pro webcam Aver Cam 340 Huddly GO
Angle of view 90° wide angle 94° wide angle 150° wide angle
Image quality 4K 4K (UHD) 720p (HD)
Preset views No No No
Zoom (digital) 5x 4x 3x
Remote control None Optional None
Suitable for desktop & room scenarios Yes Yes Yes
Price $199 $499 $499

We hope that we managed to arouse your curiosity with these three Huddle room cameras. So then what about a write-up on the Huddly GO in the near future? We also have it in our Kickle showroom, and we definitely think it’s worth a test!

Logitech meetup: conclusion


What we liked and disliked about the Logitech MeetUp

Pros Cons
+Nice added value with the all in one -The accessories (additional mics and TV mount) increase the price consequently
+Very convenient 120°  wide angle -The smartphone App won’t allow you to set the white balance or the image quality
+Great design -Additional microphones are wired (that’s also an advantage as you’re sure not to disconnect the mics, and you don’t have to charge them).
+Additional microphones (optional)

In conclusion, this top-of-the-range Logitech mettup model is certainly an ideal choice for those who frequently use conference cameras, either to participate in conference calls or to organize meetings with remote participants. Having a wide angle is necessary in small meeting rooms (also called Huddle rooms), and is also a comfortable way to go for larger rooms. For the 4K addicts, the Logitech MeetUp will be a good camera to have in your meeting room arsenal, but just remember that you need to change the USB cable.

Who are we? We are Kickle.

Kickle transforms any space into an innovative and productive meeting room. Skype for business videoconferencing (skype room system), wireless display, room booking, whiteboard, and so much more. Kickle comes with everything needed to conduct your meetings with perfect peace of mind.

Laetitia Lahaye